Another recent project with the ESP8266 was my Wi-Fi controlled light switch. I had a couple of LED desk laps that I wanted to control remotely from my Home Automation iPhone app.

Goals for the project:

  • Use an ESP-1 to handle all of the processing (no ATMega328)
  • Implement a simple REST web server to handle HTTP PUT commands
  • Only use one 2.1mm power plug (Wi-Fi control has to use the lamp’s power cord)
  • Be as efficient as possible and rely on a LM1117 voltage regulator for 3.3 volts
  • Use a MOSFET to control power to the connected appliance (LED desk lamp)

This is a video of the first breadboard version of the light switch.

The next step is to create a more permanent protoboard (Adafruit product) and enclose it in an antique wooden project box.