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I created an interactive fireplace decoration using an ATmega328, two 8×8 Matrix LED backpacks, a 128×64 OLED, a piezo buzzer and an IR remote sensor. Basic functions include the following features.

  • 8×8 LED depict snow falling, a flashing light tree and “Merry Christmas” scrolling marque
  • OLED wishes you a Merry Christmas, and has Naughty and Nice lists with names that can change
  • Piezo buzzer plays Jingle Bells
  • IR Remote controls both displays; plays Jingle Bells; and adds people to the Naughty and Nice lists.

I soldered one of the I2C address pads on one of the 8×8 Matrix LED to differentiate displays (0x70 and 0x71). I used an antique wooden glove box as the project box.


The video demonstrates the simple functions of this fireplace decoration.